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Property Management Consulting and Services

What Makes Featherhorn Special

Featherhorn Farm is a 2,200 acre property that we have meticulously managed for 20 years. We have done everything on the property with the intention of bettering the habitat for the wildlife that resides on it. We aspire to be the premiere example of land management in South Carolina. We put daily effort into our management practices to work towards accomplishing this.


Our Practices

Our Land management plan includes an array of practices that benefit our wildlife's habitat. These practices include perennial food plots, agricultural crop planting, waterfowl impoundment planting, waterfowl impoundment repairs, controlled water placement, control burns, land clearing, and tree planting. These practices are intentionally timed to best benefit the wildlife. This management plan allows us to continue to pursue game we love and ensure healthy populations.


Our Value

Our years of experience in large scale property management give us a unique knowledge on how to get the most out of a piece of property. Whether it be to improve game habitat for hunting potential or simply to increase an investment property's value, we have the knowledge it takes. We currently manage several properties throughout South Carolina that have experienced significant property improvements as a result of our services.



We’d love to offer you our knowledge to give you the most out of your property. If you’re looking to get the full value and potential out of your property contact us. Pricing may vary upon desired services.

Propert management control burn
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Property management control burn
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