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Sporting Clays Course 

For the love of Shooting

Our love for wingshooting is so deep that we wouldn’t let it be hindered by seasons. To solve this problem we built our own 15 station sporting clays course. 


Why Sporting Clays is for You

We love giving people the opportunity to fine tune their wing-shooting abilities. The NSCA describes sporting clays as “the closest thing to actual field shooting of all shotgun sports.” If you are looking to strengthen your shooting abilities in the field, sporting clays is the way to do it.


What we Offer

  • Sporting Clays Course membership

  • Private group shooting events

  • Private lessons by certified instructors

  • Ammo

  • Gun rental


Our Annual Duck Cup

Each year we host our very own sporting clays competition; The Duck Cup. We host an average of 100 shooters ranging from any age - adult to rookies. 

Youth Sporting Clays team with trophies
Youth Sporting Clays team with trophies
Featherhorn young guns shoooting team

Youth Shooting Opportunities

Featherhorn Young Guns 

We are proud to say that we have been a part of the youth shooting world for 7 years. Our team the “Young Guns'' holds a long list of accomplishments. Previous team members have gone on to shoot for universities such as Tennesse at Martin, Lindonwood, and Clemson.


Why Choose the Young Guns

There are many youth shooting teams throughout South Carolina, however few have been as successful as our Young Guns. Whether your 5th grader is new to the competitive shooting scene and looking for their first team to join, or your 11th grader is a highly experienced shooter looking to put themselves on a successful team for college exposure, the Young Guns is the team to join.


How to Join

If interested in joining the Young Guns contact us. Please note our teams range from 5th grade to 12th grade.

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